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Medical Teams International began with a call in the heart of one man. Ron Post was an Oregon businessman with no medical background. In 1979, Ron saw television reports of mass suffering in Cambodia. He watched thousands of refugees desperately trying to escape the Khmer Rouge by stumbling across the border into Thailand.

As an image of a dying Cambodian refugee girl filled his television screen, his compassion turned to determination. “What if that refugee were my own child?” Ron thought. He asked God to help him make a difference for people suffering in Cambodia. Ron organized a team of over two dozen medical volunteers to bring desperately-needed supplies and medical care to the refugees. Less than a month later, he and the medical volunteers set out to make a difference by caring for the survivors in Cambodia’s killing fields.

Ron-Post -Cambodia
Ron Post in Cambodia


Top: Providing relief for Afghan refugees in 2002.
Center: Mobile Dental Program begins in 1989.
Bottom: Providing relief to victims after hurricane Katrina.


1979: Northwest Medical Teams formed, founder Ron Post sends first team to Thailand to help refugees from Cambodia's Killing Fields.

1984: Ethiopian famine claims more than one million lives. Teams and supplies provide medical care.

1986: Medical Supplies Program launches.

1987: First field office opens in Mexico.

1989: Mobile Dental Program begins in United States.

1993: Provide care for Croatian and Bosnian refugees.

1997: 500th volunteer team travels to Mexico.

2001: Volunteer teams go to New York City to counsel rescue workers at Ground Zero after 9/11. Emergency Medical Services program launches.

2002: Provide care for Afghan refugees.

2004: South Asia tsunami teams reach five countries.

2005: Volunteers care for people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

2006: Real. Life. Exhibit opens.

2007: "Northwest Medical Teams" becomes Medical Teams International to better reflect our global impact.

2008: Provide care for war survivors in Darfur and Uganda. Eight Medical Teams representatives honored by the President of the United States at a special recognition at the White House.

2009: 2000th volunteer team reaches Cambodia.

2010: Teams care for Haiti earthquake survivors.

2011: Teams of paramedics respond after Japan earthquake and tsunami.

2012: Provide care for families in Uganda affected by Nodding Syndrome.

2013: New logo launches to convey faith sharply focused into action.

2013: Teams care for 20,000 victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

2014: Take a leadership role in eradicating Ebola in Liberia, sends medical teams to help Nepal earthquake victims, and provides ongoing support for South Sudan and Syrian refugees.

2015: Oregon House of Representatives pass HCR 23 to honor Ron Post for his founding of Medical Teams International.

Today, Medical Teams International is a global non-profit, with offices in nine countries and five states.

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