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Nepal Quake: With Nickels, Students Aid Relief Efforts

by Tyler Graf | May 22, 2015

Tarp-covered home in Nepal damaged by earthquake

One of thousands of buildings completely destroyed by last month's earthquake in Nepal.

In the aftermath of the April 25 earthquake that ravaged much of Nepal, killing more than 8,000 and injuring 17,000, support for those affected has come far and wide -- even from some of our youngest citizens.

Middle school students from Lynda Robert's class at the Ninety-One School in Hubbard, Ore., this month raised $2,521 for relief efforts in Nepal. They did so by literally raising a nickel at a time through a "Nickel for Nepal" campaign. For the record, the dollar figure is equal to 50,420 nickles, or 555 pounds of metal.

Students learned of the hardships faced by quake-rattled Nepalis from experiences detailed by Robert's son. He serves in the Peace Corps in Nepal and was in the capital of Kathmandu when the earthquake struck.  

The school visited the Real. Life Exhibit to hand-deliver the donation on Thursday, May 21. Through hard work and generosity, these kids showed that their hearts are with the countless Nepalis currently living in makeshift tented settlements, who lack adequate access to safe health clinics. Their hustle and drive is greatly appreciated.

To learn more about Medical Teams International's work in the aftermath of the disaster, visit our Nepal page.