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MTI Support: Silverton Students raise $20,000

by Tyler Graf | Jun 08, 2015

Silverton HS donates $20,000 check

The spirit of philanthropy is alive and well at Silverton High School, in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

Students raised a whopping $20,231.67 this spring for Medical Teams International through it's Mr. Silverton High School pageant. The annual event pits eight seniors against each other in revue-style showcase of talents. Behinds the scenes, the boys worked to raise money for MTI by finding sponsors and donors, in addition to selling tickets. It was a massive — and, from what we hear, massively fun — undertaking.

MTI is a regular recipient of SHS students' hard work and generosity dating back more than a decade. In the early 2000s, Silverton High School's student leaders toured the Real. Life. Exhibit and were so moved by what they saw that they started raising money for MTI. In the early years it was through an event called Hoops for Hope. In recent years it's been the Mr. Silverton High School Pageant.

This year's donation was the most ever raised by SHS students. Next year's pageant organizers will undoubtedly have their hands full topping this year's total, but we're sure they're up to the challenge. A heartfelt thank you to Silverton High School, its compassionate students and all those who donated. They're making a difference in the lives of people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty.