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Saving Loeui's son

by User Not Found | Jun 03, 2016

Loeui was afraid. Her four-month-old son, Kolsokchen, was sick. She had seen so many other children in the village become sick-- what if he died, too?

"I was afraid the child would die and pass away."

Life in their Cambodian village was hard. Many husbands traveled across the border to find work in Thailand. Without adequate resources, mothers struggled to prepare enough food and keep their children healthy. Many of the children were malnourished-- making them easy targets for illness.

Loeui_Cambodia_healthy_women_medical_teams_internationalLoeui’s son was one of these children. Sick with a fever and a terrible cough, she knew she had to do something. “I was afraid the child would die and pass away,” she said.

Worried, Loeui decided to take him to the local health clinic. It was so expensive-- but she was afraid he wouldn’t survive without it. She was anxious for her son all the while he was in the clinic.

Thankfully, Kolsokchen survived. But Loeui was still afraid-- What if another bad illness came along to threaten her cherished son’s life again? Loeui didn’t know how to stop him from getting sick again-- and what if he didn’t recover next time, or what if she couldn’t afford it?

Finally, Loeui has the tools she needs to keep her son healthy.

Then, Loeui got something priceless. Medical Teams International volunteers were starting education sessions for moms just like her-- sessions that would teach her about how to protect Kolsokchen from further illness. These dedicated volunteers went through the village, urging local mothers to attend a Medical Teams International-run mothers support group that would teach them important practices and tools to keep their children healthy, monitor their children’s growth, and cook nutritious community meals. Loeui and Kolsokchen have attended several sessions-- and she is already seeing progress in her now 1-year-old son! Finally, Loeui has the tools she needs to keep her son healthy.

These mother and infant health educational sessions are only possible thanks to the donation, time, and prayers of all those who support our mission-- you are truly demonstrating the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty around the world. Thank you!