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Heartwarming local impact: Mobile Dental

by Emily Crowe | Aug 02, 2016

Your support is making an impact around the world - but it's changing lives locally, as well. Check out this heartwarming story from one of our mobile dental clinics.

Dear MTI-

Thank you very much for providing the Mobile Dental Van at Raleigh Park earlier this week. The 9 students (and families) you cared for are so grateful... I wanted to share one story in particular from the day that had a tremendous impact on me.

We had 2 little brothers that came to the van with very significant dental problems that were causing both of them pain. The MTI dental team removed 4 infected and painful baby teeth from the younger brother and recommended future treatment for the other dental issues. His older brother also had significant dental issues; however he was too scared to allow the dentists to perform the work. The school principal and counselor were able to transport the younger brother home after his dental work, and had the opportunity to speak to his mother. They learned that the family immigrated to the United States just 1 month ago as refugees from Guatemala after her husband had passed away. She was incredibly thankful and grateful for the work and care provided by MTI.

...We were all impressed with the quality of care, compassion and kindness that was given to all of the kids to help them feel less frightened and more comfortable.

On behalf of the Raleigh Park Staff, Volunteers and Parents....we thank you for all that you do! Thank you also to the donors who help make this program happen!! It is very much appreciated. We look forward to partnering again in the future!


Leah and Patti

A huge shoutout to the hard-working volunteers who work hard to make these mobile dental clinics possible, along with the partners, donors and supporters who make sure we have the tools and supplies to care for kids like these. Your support is making such an impact!