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Jasmine: Seeking Relief for a Child

by Sarah Austria | Sep 14, 2016

Ask any adult who has experienced tooth pain to describe the feeling and you’ll likely see them wince and shake their head in memory. Now consider a child enduring that same pain. For young Jasmine and her family, it was a reality.

Recently relocated from California to Oregon, the family was without dental insurance and unable to afford a dental visit. Jasmine complained that her teeth hurt.

With nowhere to turn to ease his daughter's pain, a feeling of desperation was setting in for Jasmine’s father.

Then he heard a commercial on the radio advertising a Medical Teams International Mobile Dental van.

Untreated dental pain is an all too common complaint in the United States. Many turn to hospital emergency rooms seeking relief. In fact, an estimated 30% of emergency rooms visits would have been better served in a dental office.

Jasmine’s father decided it was worth the 120-mile round trip for the chance that his daughter’s dental pain could be treated. The family arrived at Medical Teams International’s Mobile Dental van at 10am. They were last in the long line. Four hours later they were still waiting to be seen - but the clinic hours ended before their turn. Her father, as any father would, pleaded with staff for his daughter to be seen. Thankfully, the volunteer dentist was graciously able to see her.

For those that don’t have access to dental care and in desperation visit hospital emergency rooms, the results are rarely successful. Emergency rooms are not equipped and staffed to handle dental care. And ER visits for dental pain are expensive - averaging $765. Thanks to your support, the average cost for a patient to visit the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental van is about $100.

Jasmine was diagnosed with 8 cavities. Due to her young age and a fear of needles, the dentist chose to begin her treatment slowly, and fill just the 2 cavities that were causing her the most pain. But Jasmine will be able to finish her treatment - thanks to you. The Mobile Dental van manager gave Jasmine’s father a phone number to schedule the rest of his daughter’s dental care with another of Medical Teams International’s Mobile Dental vans - this time closer to their home.

Jasmine’s father was incredibly grateful for the treatment Jasmine received that day - and the referral to care for the rest of her dental needs. Your support of Medical Teams International took away the dental pain of one little girl, and gave her father peace of mind.