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Spreading health (and smiles!) around the world.

by Emily Crowe | Jan 23, 2017

Reflecting over the past year - and looking forward into the new - one thing is clear: Your support makes an incredible impact.

In 2016, you sent medical supplies to clinics in urgent need. You taught children the importance of safe hand-washing and sent hygiene kits around the world. You transported pregnant mothers to clinics for safe delivery and made sure they received follow-up care. And so much more. Best of all, your support will impact these lives for years to come.

As we look forward to the impact we will make - together - in 2017, please take a moment to meet some of the incredible people you helped in 2016:

Syrian refugees in Lebanon & Greece: You sent medical supplies and doctors, trained community Health Outreach Volunteers, and brought care where it is desperately needed. 

Hurricane victims & long-term programs in Haiti: You made sure children, families and communities stayed safe in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew - and are ensuring they'll be healthy in the years to come.

Refugees in Uganda: Violence in South Sudan and Burundi forced thousands of families to flee their homes and become refugees in Uganda - sometimes more than 6,000 per day. You're making sure our teams can meet the demand and get refugees the medical care they deserve.

Community health in Guatemala: Your support sent volunteer teams and empowered health programs in Guatemala, making sure more children grow up healthy and strong.