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Helping the Vulnerable in our Own Communities

by Charlotte Falconer | Aug 23, 2017

For some, dental care is an expensive luxury. Unable to pay for care, they might endure dental pain for months or even years, hoping the pain will resolve itself or eventually treatment will become affordable. If ignored, dental problems can lead to chronic pain, difficulty eating, speech problems, and severe and debilitating health conditions.

mobile-dental-patient-van-Although a large part of our work is abroad, local health needs--like dental care--are also incredibly important to us. When dental issues arise, Mobile Dental Clinics provide people in the Pacific Northwest with a safe, free, and welcoming place where their urgent dental needs are met.

Our Mobile Dental Clinic vans travel to urban centers, schools, shelters, and rural areas to bring free dental care to local veterans, homeless, immigrants, low-income families, and anyone else needing affordable care. We met Sophin during a Mobile Dental Clinic in Southeast Portland. An immigrant from Thailand, Sophin spent years working to become a permanent resident. When he came to America, he expected a better life with better chances. This became true in many ways, but he still can’t afford medical or dental care.

At the Mobile Dental Clinic, Sophin was able to get a filling to fix his broken tooth. Without the care that he received, he would have been left in pain with very few places to turn for help. He expressed that he really appreciates what the volunteers do and is glad that they were able to help him. Sophin shared that he also volunteers--he spends his free time volunteering locally with Meals on Wheels.

Through the support of people like you, we are able to get vital dental care to the families and children who need it the most.

Thanks for helping us care for and share the love of Christ with our neighbors like Sophin.