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Medical Teams International Responds to Hurricane Harvey

by Medical Teams International | Sep 04, 2017

Pacific NW-based nonprofit sends hygiene kits to Houston

Portland/Seattle – September 1, 2017– With shattering records of rainfall and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, Medical Teams International (@MedicalTeams) is preparing shipments of hygiene kits to send to those impacted across southeast Texas.

For a family who has lost everything, a $7 Hygiene Kit including essential items like soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste and washcloths, provides dignity and comfort.

“Homes and entire communities have been destroyed, leaving tens of thousands of people moving into shelters,” said Joe DiCarlo, Medical Teams International’s global ambassador. “Now that the needs are becoming clear and the next phase of relief effort has begun, Medical Teams is building and shipping Hygiene Kits to partners on the ground in Texas so families impacted by Hurricane Harvey can have the basic hygiene supplies to meet their immediate needs.”

Medical Teams International is accepting financial donations to help fund shipment and distribution of these items. Donations to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey can be made at https://www.medicalteams.org/donation/donate-to-disaster-relief.