Help A Syrian Refugee In Need.

The Syrian war has taken countless lives and forced millions to flee for safety. Refugee families are in desperate need of medical care and support. Our programs focus on bringing healthcare to refugees across Europe and the Middle East with nowhere else to turn.

As more and more are forced to flee Syria, the situation is putting greater pressure on the settlements and camps receiving families seeking safety.

Your gift today will give a refugee the care they need to help escape the violence and heartache afflicting so many.

How your support changes lives.

In Lebanon, our teams visit camps to provide health outreach for thousands afflicted by trauma-induced conditions with no way to access a clinic. 

Here's the impact your gift will have...
  • $30 provides medical care for a refugee for one month.
  • $150 provides medical care for a refugee family for one month.
  • Every $1 you give provides one day of medical care for a refugee.

Watch: See how gifts like yours have a real impact.

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Your action today is critical to saving lives.

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