Help A Syrian Refugee In Need.

Over more than 7 years of conflict in Syria, 11 million people have been displaced from their homes. More than 1.1 million have sought refuge in Lebanon and 3.5 million are living in Turkey.

After fleeing horrendous violence, refugees then struggle to survive without basic health care. By meeting the medical needs of Syrians trapped in besieged cities and those who have settled as refugees in neighboring countries, Medical Teams International relieves some of the pressure on host countries and makes sure refugees get the life-saving care they need.

Your gift today will bring healing to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Turkey, as well as those who remain in northern Syria. 

How your support changes lives.

In Lebanon, your support will help serve refugees in the Bekaa Valley by training Refugee Outreach Volunteers to engage with their neighbors and monitor chronic diseases, teach about mental health care, encourage healthy living habits, and refer the sick and injured to primary health care centers. 

In Northern Syria--where more than half of the health facilities have been damaged or destroyed--your support will work alongside our partner International Blue Crescent to keep primary health centers open and send in shipments of urgently-needed medicines and supplies. 

In Turkey, your support will train mental health and psychosocial support staff to provide loving care to refugees who have been traumatized by years of war.

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