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Stock Donations

You can avoid capital gains taxes and help contribute to MTI by giving gifts of appreciated stock. For instance, if you bought a stock more than one year ago you can transfer the stock to Medical Teams and potentially avoid capital gains taxes that you would likely incur if you sold the stock instead. We recommend that you speak with your financial adviser about how to give a gift of stock to Medical Teams International.

Securities Transfer Instructions:

Securities held in an account maintained by a financial services firm can be transferred to Medical Teams International electronically through the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) using the following information:
Charles Schwab account number: 6717-2904
DTC number: 0164

Download this information as a printable PDF.

For negotiable stocks or bonds

Contact Pamela Blikstad at 503.624.1000 regarding all stock transfers, including stock or securities held in forms that make these securities potentially negotiable (e.g., certificate form).