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South Sudan

South Sudan ranks #2 on the 2016 Fragile States Index. After a short-lived peace agreement fell through in 2016, ethnically-charged violence has forced millions from their homes. The world's youngest nation, much of the fighting has centered around it's agriculturally-rich region, disrupting farming and surging food prices. In February 2017, its food crisis escalated to the point of famine.

Escaping war and starvation, thousands are becoming refugees as they flee to neighboring countries (especially Uganda) for relief. Our teams are working in Uganda, providing medical care for refugees entering the nation and for families settled in refugee settlements across the nation.

Violence Force Thousands to Flee

After South Sudan's independence in 2011, deep ethnic divisions remained. An attempted coup in 2013 ignited a civil conflict between the government and opposition forces. A failed peace deal collapsed in 2016, leading to violence that brinked on genocide. Thousands are fleeing into neighboring countries, seeking safety as brutalities continue.

War-triggered famine

Food insecurity and malnutrition have worsened since the conflict began. The country's food crisis was declared a famine in February of 2017, triggered by disrupted farming (due to conflict) and surging food prices.

Did you know?

Over 1.5 million people have fled South Sudan to become refugees.

Providing medical care 

Ugandan health centers are facing serious shortages as refugees, mostly women and children, flee to Uganda. Basic care, sanitation and water facilities are overwhelmed, and refugees are left trapped in dangerous living situations.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees asked Medical Teams International to provide medicines and doctors for new camps right now so more refugees can survive. Our teams are on the ground, providing health screenings, emergency medical treatment and referrals for incoming refugees. We are also serving in refugee settlements across the country, providing urgently-needed care.

Families struggle to survive in refugee camps that are struggling to support thousands of displaced, traumatized refugees.