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Where We Work

We believe that every person matters. To God and to us. 

Despite advances in global health, many people live in the midst of humanitarian emergencies in which there is little or no access to life-sustaining health services. Natural disasters, along with intensified crises such as famine and civil war, continually threaten health, especially in low-income countries where there are no health safety nets. More than 65 million refugees and displaced people in the world face exposure to violence and the elements, communicable diseases, injury, and other health risks. 

Medical Teams International is helping. We work in areas in which our international partners have requested our medical expertise to address the most critical health needs. Our headquarters and field staff constantly review our commitments based on needs, capacity, and potential for impact. We work closely with local health authorities to help assure positive outcomes, even after we return home.


Strategy for Greater Impact

Medical Teams is concentrating our work in countries impacted by disasters and ongoing crises to achieve scalable programs around our core strengths -- direct medical care, improving health systems, and strengthening communities. 

Our current priorities include deeping services for refugees living in Uganda, Lebanon, Turkey, and Tanzania. We will continue to strengthen health and community systems in Liberia, Guatemala, Haiti, northern Syria, Myanmar, and Nepal. And we will be ever ready for when the next disaster strikes, as we were when we launched an urgent response to the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh.